Monday, September 21, 2009


I know that I am really REALLY going to regret not staying up on Joshua's blog for the last few months.
I must say that being home isn't exactly what I had imagined :-( I am still working hard to get my house in order and getting acclimated to being home after being gone for so long. I haven't been using my computer at all so....well....if I don't get on the computer I don't get this updated. BAD LEAH!
I will work harder about making sure to get updates loaded. I SWEAR!
So, our little Joshua is a rock star! Just in case you were having some doubts. ;-) He is still a behind as far as developmental issues go but he is trying really hard. His vocabulary is building and he is starting to get interested in moving and eating. Slowly but surely...he will get there.
He is as cute as ever and if course still a little tricky to figure out. He has been back and forth between Missoula and Seattle every 3 weeks. The only exception to this is this month. He made it the WHOLE 4 weeks from last discharge to his clinic follow up. We will be taking off to Seattle tomorrow and I am planning on just coming back home on Wednesday. Of course, this is MY plan but I am constantly reminded that it is not I who is in control, but the Lord.
Joshua is still battling with the chest effusions. We have started him on oxygen at night to see if maybe that will help. The thought is maybe the elevation of where we are is affecting him. He seems to be tolerating it pretty well.
I WILL update you after the appointment with the latest statistics.
I hope this finds you all well. Thanks for caring.
Joshua (like my other kiddo's) has really taken a liking to 'Bob Bob' (Spongebob). I was putting him in his PJ's one night and he kept pointing to the orange cowboy hats on them and questionably saying 'Bob Bob'. His brother has Spongebob pajamas so I decided that Joshua needed a pair also. He was SO happy to have them on. He woke up in the middle of the night and pulled his leg all the way up to his face, focused, said 'Bob Bob' and went back to sleep!! I thought it was so cute that he wanted to make sure that he was still in them. I love that he knows what he likes. Reminds me that despite everything....he is in ways, a typical almost 2 year old. ( Can you believe it??)

When we were in Seattle last I decided to get myself a tent camper. I have been looking at them for quite sometime. I was REALLY itching to get it out before the summer was up. At the end of August we took the kids out. We loaded up and headed to Kalispell. We ended up 'camping' out at my Aunt and Uncle's house. They have a little piece of heaven out by the Lost Prairie Airport. We had a blast being able to play at the lake and ride the 4 wheelers while still having the safety net of the house in case we needed it for Joshua. It was super nice to spend sometime up at their house with them. I have missed it so much! Even after 4 days they said we could come back. :) Joshua will need to work on his camping skills. I discovered that he is actually afraid of the dark. I had never thought about it but darkness (complete darkness) is something that he has never really experienced. We were in the camper and after all the lights were off his nighttime chatter started to sound a little distressed to I reached for my little mini flashlight. He pulled it from my hands and shined it straight into his eyes, holding it tight with both hands. So....we slept with the lights on the rest of the trip. He also won't stay under the darn blankets. I am going to have to invest in some blanket sleepers for him I think.