Thursday, October 22, 2009

October's Dr Appointment Update!

We just made it back from Seattle and Joshua is doing GREAT! He is the best he has ever been and it seems that his heart is starting to function better! The news that I was most excited about is we won't have to go to Seattle monthly anymore! We will now go every other month and we get to see Dr Hardy here in Missoula on the opposite month! No more weekly appointments here in Missoula....YIPPEE. I am excited that Joshua has gotten to this point. What a milestone.

Joshua has been doing SO SO good. He has started to butt-scoot across the floor and is picking up new words all the time. It is so fun to watch him grow and learn. He really enjoys picking on his older brother and pulling Trinity's hair! Now I am not one to rush my children when it comes to growing up BUT he can grow out of this stage QUICKLY with no complaints from me! :)

It absolutely amazes me how far he has come in the course of the last several months! What a miracle baby (toddler) he is! We stopped by the ICU when we were in Seattle for clinic. Sadly, we didn't get to see everyone that we would have liked BUT really REALLY enjoyed seeing the ones that we did. They were all pretty surprised on how much he has changed. Dr. Mazor told me that he probably wouldn't even have recognized him....if he wasn't with his mom. I feel like sometime in the last month he just turned into a BIG boy.