Thursday, November 7, 2013


Well it rushes by.....sometimes it is great and other times it down right sucks.

I have not been good about updating this blog...and I am rather doubtful that anyone reads it anymore but felt the need to do a little journaling so here I am.

I am sitting  in room RC.6.906, at Seattle children's, with Mr. Joshua. I am pretty sure it used to be room 4006 which is all too familiar looking onto what is now the old and unused helipad. We came here for a little dental procedure and ended up being admitted prior to the surgery. Joshua is running a little fever and as we all know he just gets crummy....and hospital staff around here see him and panic. I couldn't be happier that Dr Kemna is on service and is all too familiar with Joshua's little shenanigans. She could also find the humor in the fact that I  was able to convince an ICU fellow that he did not need to make room in the ICU for us! A viral pcr is on the agenda and we shall see what happens from there.  Right now he is perfect and resting.

I must mention that this November is not much different than any other.  Joshua was life - flighted Thanksgiving eve last year and here we sit again among all the fall cooties.  Yuck! Seems to be annual tradition. This year I am grateful for the company of my mom but my heart aches and longs for the presence of my dad.

I have so much to fill in and I hope to be better about documenting and sharing the life of this amazing little man.....