Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday....not much good news today

Joshua had a really rough night. He was up every couple hours crying and struggling to breathe. This morning we came in at 950 cc's positive for the day. He hardly peed at all again yesterday. Today he is swollen and grumpy. IR came in and unplugged the clot from his drain and pulled out another 200 cc's of fluid from his chest cavity. We are now at 640 since the drain went in. We did another ultrasound today and determined that he will need a tube placed on his left side as well. Dr Law is also requesting that they place a PICC line in his neck because we need to monitor his labs closely and this will allow them to get blood without poking him and blowing out the one good access point that we have. Sounds like that we will not be going home soon. :-(
Please pray that Joshua's little body heals fast so he can continue to move around and be happy. Being tethered to the bed at two years of age is not making him too happy. Also, please pray for strength and comfort for my kiddo's at home who are really missing us.

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mrsrubly said...

aww man! i can not believe this happening! as always i will keep him in prayer!!